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Monday, June 10th

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Registration 09H30-12H00

Espace 233


Les Heures Claires (close to Espace 233)

lunch (cold buffet)
EMCMRE-2 Introduction 13H45-14H00 Théâtre de l'Olivier Sébastien Vizzini (Chair)
Chairman : Sébastien Vizzini
14H00-15H00 Théâtre de l'Olivier Public conference : Albert Fert From fundamental research to innovation : a few examples in spintronics and computing/communication technologies
Symposium I :
Materials for energy
15H00-15H45 Théâtre de l'Olivier Keynote : Normand Mousseau Challenges and hurdles for the next energy revolution
15H45-16H15 Théâtre de l'Olivier coffee break
Chairman : Norman Mousseau
16H15-16H45 Théâtre de l'Olivier Invited : Lorenzo Malerba Importance of materials for sustainable nuclear energy
16H45-17H15 Théâtre de l'Olivier Invited : Jean-Jacques Simon Organic photovoltaic: present and future
17H15-17H30 Théâtre de l'Olivier Nadine Kosseifi Measurement of the temperature during nucleate boiling through two-color LIF
  17H30-17H45 Théâtre de l'Olivier Jack Arayro Atomistic modeling of the behavior of rare gas bubbles confined in a ceramic matrix at high temperatures
  17H45-18H00 Théâtre de l'Olivier Alice Dufresne Tight-Binding Atomistic Modeling of Zirconium Hydride Coherent Precipitation
  18H00 - 18H15 Théâtre de l'Olivier Amina Tandjaoui Grain nucleation and growth in different silicon grades during directional solidification of multi-crystalline silicon
  20H00 Pavillon de Grignan
Conference dinner

Tuesday, June 11th

Symposium III :
Synthesis and characterisation of nano-materials
Chairman : Maurizio De Crescenzi
8H30-9H15 Espace 233 Keynote : Mikko Ritala Atomic Layer Deposition in preparation of nanostructured materials
9H15-9H45 Espace 233 Invited : Wolfgang Tremel Protein and Polypeptide-Mediated Synthesis of Functional Nanostructures 
9H45-10H15 Espace 233 Invited : Moncef Said Hybrid Functional Study of Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of S-doped ZnO With and Without Neutral Vacancy
10H15-10H45 Espace 233 coffee break
Chairman : Jean-Louis Lazzari
10H45-11H15 Espace 233 Invited : Maurizio De Crescenzi Photovoltaic devices based on carbon nanotubes/silicon junctions 
11H15-11H30 Espace 233 Hocine Belhouchet Microstructural Characterization and Kinetic Dehydration of Gibbsite Powder
  11H30-11H45 Espace 233 Younes Benarioua Carburation superficielle de l’acier 16NC6 et 22MC4 par cémentation en caisse
  11H45-12H00 Espace 233 Hassan Bouzabata Synthesis of the nanocrystalline Fe  powders prepared by mechanochemistry  alloying 
  12H00-12H15 Espace 233 Anthony De Luca Sequential HRTEM high resolution and APT characterizations of same samples.
  12H15-12H30 Espace 233 Hakim Hammoudi Study of Titanium and Palladium-phases micro-structures dependence versus monocristalline Silicone substrates’ orientations in the Ti/Pd annealed bi-layered thin metals

Les Heures Claires (close to Espace 233)

Symposium IV :
Theoretical and experimental advanced methods (pedagogical lectures)
Chairwoman : Shirley Chiang
14H00-14H30 Espace 233 Keynote : Gérald Dujardin Manipulation of single atoms, molecules and nano-objects with the STM and AFM
14H30-15H00 Espace 233 Keynote : Rachid Belhkou Synchrotron radiation methods as a tool for a multiscale investigation of thin films, nanostructures and complex materials
15H00-15H30 Espace 233 Keynote : Dominique Mangelinck Three dimensional chemical analysis at the atomic scale of nanomaterials by atom probe tomography
15H30-16H00 Espace 233 coffee break  
Symposium I :
Materials for energy
Chairman : Lorenzo Malerba
16H00-16H15 Espace 233 Laure Delfour Atomistic modeling of supercapacitors
16H15-16H30 Espace 233 Mohamed Benabdeslem Synthesis of photovoltaic CuInSe2 compound by mechanical alloying technique
16H30-16H45 Espace 233 Vladimir Agabekov Catalytic hydroconversion mixture of tar and pine sawdust
  16H45-18H30 Espace 233
Posters session 1
ABADLI Salah  Study of Boron transient enhanced redistribution in strongly dopped polysilicon/nitrogen-dopped-silicon by bilayers gates.
ABBOUDY Sayed AC hopping conduction in lightly doped InP at low temperatures
AIT AHSAINE Hassan Elaboration, characterization and luminescence Properties of nanocrystalline Bi2WO6 prepared by co-precipitation method
AMRANI Rachid Nanocrystalline silicon growth in Argon Diluted Silane PECVD
ANANI Macho High efficiency III-Nitrides solar cell
BEN AZZOUZ Chiraz  Si Semiconductor Nanostructures Grown On Crystalline Insulator LaAlO3(001) Substrate: Annealing Effect
BENCHIKHA Tahar  Evolution of the temperature in a foundry mold.
BENGHABRIT Siham Structural and optical study of nanocrystalline ZnS thin films prepared by CBD and SILAR methods
BENSLIM Noureddine  Characterization of CuIn1-xGaxSe2 Thin Films Solar Cell Applications
BERBAR Yassine  Calcium and iron removal from silica sand by acid leaching process
BESAHRAOUI Fatiha Investigation of the optical properties of self organized InAs quantum dashes grown on vicinal InP(001) substrates.
BOUASLA Abdelaziz Controlled recrystallization of interstitial free steel and pure Al processed by ECAP
BOUCHEHAM Abdelghani Low temperature annealing effect on electrical properties of multicrystalline silicon wafers for photovoltaic application.
BOUCHENAK KHELLADI Nesrine Study of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel process to realize a Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell
BOUGUILA Nour AC conductivity properties of sprayed In2S3 films
BOUSLAMA M'hamed The investigation of Sn02 nanomaterial by the mBJ and GGA simulation methods associated to the EELS experimental results.
BRIKI Mohamed What is a nanoalloy phase diagram?
CHABANE SARI Sidi Mohammed  Perspective of elaboration of an electrochemical immunosensor using gold nanoparticles
CHETTAH Chouaib Digital parameters effect of LHM modeling
CHIALI Anisse Study and optimization of a Lithium-ion battery to reduce its thermal effects.
DARSOUNI Abderrazek Hot Deformation Behaviour Of Titanium Alloy Ta6v
DARSOUNI Lamia Characterization for layers hot galvanized of low carbon steel obtained by different immersion times 
DJEBBARI Chaffia  Structural, thermal and magnetic characterization of the mechanically alloyed (Fe50Co50)80Al20 powders 
DJEFFAL Faycal Analytical analysis of nanoscale junctionless DG MOSFET including interfacial trap effects
DJEKOUN Abdelmalik Characterization of iron-iron oxides core-shell nanoparticles prepared by inert gas-condensation method
ESSOM Hamida Inhibition of the corrosion of the alloy Cupronickel 90/10 by the Nalco-73405 in a medium (0,5 M NaCl).
GANDOU Zahra  Microwave assisted synthesis of high purity β tricalcium phosphate crystalline nanopowders
HACINI Mohamed Combined effects of size and distribution of particles on the mechanical behavior of a A356/SICp synthesized in the laboratory.
HADJI Ali Improving wear properties of high chromium cast iron by manganese alloying
HARBI Nahla Simulation of pseudomorphic Ge/GaInP/GaInAs multiple quantum wells on GaAs
KADRI Salim Mechanical Properties of Thoracic and Abdominal Arteries of Sheep
KAGHOUCHE Bessem  Effect of variation of the gas flow ratio NH3/N2O on the optical and physico-chemical properties of LPCVD SiOxNy films
KENDOULI Souad  Electrospinning of α-Fe2O3-cellulose acetate composite nanofibers
KHIRANI Dalel  Evaluation of springback under the effect of holding force and die radius in a stretch bending test
LABAIZ Mohamed Surface Properties of Al203 Ceramics used for Orthopedic Biomaterial
LABIDI Salima Structural and thermodynamic properties of SrxCd1-xO : first principal calculation
LAKHAL Marwan  Electronic and thermodynamic properties of MgH2 from first principles and kinetic Monte Carlo
MEBAREK Abdelmalek Plastic Deformation and Nonstoichiometry in  Rutile TiO2
MECHACHTI Said Characterization of alloy steels produced by sintering Fe0.4C2Cu2Ni0.7Mo and Fe1.4C2Cu2Ni0.7Mo
MERADJI Hocine  Ab initio study of the structural, electronic and thermodynamic properties of PbSe1-xSx ternary alloys.
MERAKEB Nouredine Structural study of the nanocristallins stainless films synthesized by vacuum thermal evaporation
MERAZGA Saloua Properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon carbide films prepared at various temperature substrate by DC magnetron sputtering
NOUARI Saheb Overcoming the problem of agglomeration in Ni-Al2O3 nanocomposite powders.
OUDJERTLI Salah  Microstructure properties of Fe-doped ZnO nanostructures prepared by mechanical alloying. 
SAMET Lolwa Structural and optical characterizations of amorphous and crystalline Titanium dioxide doped Manganese 
SI AHMED Yasmina Porous silicon antireflection coating for solar cells using chemical etchning in HF-FeCl3-H2O.
SNANI Louafi Influence of deoxidation with aluminum on the quality of the low carbon steels
SOBTI Nadjeh TiO2-BaTiO3 nanotube composites produced by classical and microwave hydrothermal method
YASUDA Hidehiro Metal- insulator transition in organic molecule-passivated gold nanoparticles
ZARGOU Salem Efficiency Enhancement of Organic Solar Cells using plasmonic structures
ZARROUG Ahmed  Gettering of metallic impurities in photovoltaic silicon.
ZIANE Mohamed Issam The effects of nitrogen incorporation on energy gap and optical properties of In0.5Ga0.5(NxAs1-x) quaternary alloys.
ZIRMI Rachid High temperature surface evolution in Mn/Si system and auto organization of clusters after island coalescence

Wednesday, June 12th

Symposium II :
Materials for Nanosciences
Chairman : Gérald Dujardin
8H30-9H15 Espace 233 Keynote : Hafid Aourag The Materials Genome Project
9H15-10H00 Espace 233 Invited : Franck Rose Nanotechnologies in Hard Disk Drives
10H00-10H30 Espace 233 Invited : Noureddine Boucerredj High Energy Ions Generated by Coulomb Explosion of Large Cluster of Kr Irradiated by Intense Femtosecond Laser Fields
10H30-11H00 Espace 233 coffee break
Symposium IV :
Theoretical and experimental advanced methods (pedagogical lectures)
Chairman : Talat Rahman
11H00-11H45 Espace 233 Keynote : Xavier Blase Ab initio simulations for organic solar cells
11H45-12H30 Espace 233 Keynote : Yves Bréchet Modelling Structural Properties in energy perspective
  Les Heures Claires (close to Espace 233)

Baux de Provence tour

Carrière de Lumières, Château et village des Baux

Thursday, June 13th

Symposium III :
Synthesis and characterisation of nano-materials
Chairwoman : Najoua Kamoun
8H30-9H00 Espace 233 Invited : Abdelilah Kaddouri Photon emission from surface of metals and oxides under ion bombardment 
9H00-9H30 Espace 233 Invited : Brahim Bessais Contribution of porous silicon-based nanostructures in the progress of crystal silicon solar cells
9H30-9H45 Espace 233 Makhlouf Boufatit Selective adsorption of Cd2+ ions from aqueous systems using acid-activated clay from Maghnia (Algeria).
9H45-10H00 Espace 233 Abdelaziz El Boujlaidi Continuum radiation produced by Kr+ bombardment of clean and oxygenated targets of some 3d transition metals 
10H00-10H15 Espace 233 Mostefa Ghamnia Auger electron spectroscopy and AFM characterization of ZnO nanolayers grown by microdroplets method
10H15-11H00 Espace 233 Claire Marichal Post-synthesis grafting of fluoropropyl groups on different families of SBA-15 type ordered mesoporous silicas
11H00-11H15 Espace 233 Aziz Taoufyq Structural, vibrational and luminescence properties 
11H15-11H30 Espace 233 coffee break
Symposium II :
Materials for Nanosciences
Chairman : Mikko Ritala
11H30-12H00 Espace 233 Invited : Najoua Kamoun Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials used in photovoltaic devices
12H00-12H30 Espace 233 Invited : Talat Rahman Manipulation of electronic and chemical properties of single layer MoS2 : insights from predictive modeling
  Les Heures Claires (close to Espace 233)


Third International Meeting on Silicene (IMS-3)



Chairman : Abdelkader Kara
14H00-14H05 Espace 233 Abdelkader Kara Introductory remarks
14H05-14H35 Espace 233 Keynote : Hamid Oughaddou  Silicene: the silicon based counterpart of graphene
14H35-14H55 Espace 233 Invited : Noriaki Takagi  Struggle to realize Dirac fermion silicene on Ag(111)
14H55-15H15 Espace 233 Hai-Pin Cheng  Electronic structure and transport at silicone-Ag interface
15H15-15H35 Espace 233 Invited : Pavel Jelinek  Atomic and electronic structure of Si-based 2D materials on metal surfaces
15H35-15H55 Espace 233 Invited : Hanna Enriquez  Structures of silicene on metallic substrates
15H55-16H25 Espace 233 coffee break  
16H25-16H45 Espace 233 Invited : Kehui Wu  Electronic structure of silicene studied by scanning tunneling spectroscopy
16H45-17H05 Espace 233 Invited : Mustapha Ait Ali  Chemical synthesis and characterization of silicon sheets
17H05-17H25 Espace 233 Invited : Sebastien Lebegue  Electronic structure of two-dimensional materials from ab-initio calculations
17H25-17H45 Espace 233 Invited : Jun Ni  Tailoring electronic properties of silicene nanostructures
17H45-18H05 Espace 233 L.C. Lew Yan Voon  Silicene: Properties of 2-D silicene grown on graphene substrate
18H05-18H20  Espace 233 Rachid Tchalala  Growth and oxidation of silicene nano-ribbons on Ag(110)
18H20-18H40  Espace 233 Invited : Jihun Zhao  Initial growth behaviour and interaction mechanism of silicene on substrates
18H40-19H00  Espace 233   Open discussion and concluding remarks
  Espace 233 Posters Silicene  
    Virgile Bocchetti Thermal Stability of Standalone Silicene Sheet
    Nasreddine Derradji First-principles study of structural properties and electronic structure of Silicene 
    Tim H. Osborn  Lithiated  silicene: from first principles
    Haïk Jamgotchian  Silicene on Ag(111) : domains and local defects of the observed superstructures 
Posters 17h00-18H30 Espace 233
Poster session 2

Friday, June 14th

Symposium II :
Materials for Nanosciences
Chairman : Xavier Blase
8H30-9H00 Espace 233 Invited : Shirley Chiang Unusual Island Formations and Phase Transitions of Ag and Ir on Ge
9H00-9H30 Espace 233 Invited : Abdelilah Benyoussef Electronic and magnetic properties of semi-metallic oxides : ab initio calculation
9H30-9H45 Espace 233 Jean-Louis Lemaire Interstellar silicate analogs for grain-surface reaction experiments.
9H45-10H00 Espace 233 Ari P Seitsonen Organic/metal interface: Detailed experimental and theoretical investigation of the electronic structure
10H00-10H15 Espace 233 Khaoula Boukari Modelling of 2D supramolecular network on passivated silicon surface
10H15-10H30 Espace 233 Jun Onoe One-Dimensional Exotic-Nanocarbon: First Observation of Geometric Curvature Effects on the Electronic Properties
10H30-11H00 Espace 233 coffee break
Chairman : Christophe Girardeaux
11H00-11H15 Espace 233 Fabienne Berthier   (In)equivalence of thermodynamic ensembles in bimetallic nanowires
  11H15-11H30 Espace 233 Aurélie Biancarelli-Lopes Theoretical study of the influence of order and segregation
 in CoPt nanoalloys
  11H30-11H45 Espace 233 Mourad Boujnah Understanding the ferromagnetism in 3d transition metal-doped ZrO2 cubic from ab-initio investigations
EMCMRE-2 Conclusions 11H45-12H30 Espace 233  



Organised by CiNaM and Im2np and STARM and Ville d'Istres